Why us

A Proven Entity

The only dedicated Penetration Testing company, with a history of industry leadership in Internet Security designed to keep your mission critical systems safe.
The discovery of real risks and solutions independent of any vendor.
Skills transfer for your staff as Vidulus ITB will divulge all intellectual property and tools when Vidulus ITB operates with you.
A worldwide operation, so regardless of the size or location of your network, Vidulus ITB will service your need.
A flexible company that will work within your operational parameters.


Understanding Your Needs

At Vidulus ITB, an external network security attack is the most common request from our clients. Every day of the week we are performing these engagements and as such, our skill set is efficient and effective. As we are performing penetration tests on a daily basis, we are the industry experts.
We are so confident with the service we offer, we guarantee our work to our client’s level of satisfaction and keep continual contact at their requests. Our clients continue to use us because we are trustworthy, knowledgeable and exceptional value.


Superior Team

Unlike most of the IT security testing companies, Vidulus ITB does not sell hardware or software. We are professional IT auditors. We are not in competition with your contracted IT professionals. Many outsourced IT professionals refer our services to their clients because we are an independent IT auditing company that can provide the required independence necessary for penetration-vulnerability testing.



By law, executives at financial services firms must maintain flawless networks while guarding against potentially devastating security risks. So a solid security system ensures regulatory compliance, in addition to earning a trusted reputation among clients.

Through years of successful engagements in this industry, Vidulus ITB experts understand the unique responsibilities and regulatory requirements that executives in the financial services business face. To address these challenges, Vidulus ITB offers continuous and measurable protection which meets the requirements for duty of care.

Vidulus ITB will map a financial institution’s entire global network, examine the technical controls at all critical points, review its current security posture, measure risk and strengthen protection where warranted.

Vidulus ITB enables prioritization of the most critical assets so that risk can most effectively be mitigated and managed in the most efficient way possible. Finally, Vidulus ITB  helps financial institutions build a solid long-term security foundation and cover their legal requirements.